I was only five when I met a friendly rhino that asked me what the secret was to making the perfect coconut pie. I didn't know, but we became fast friends and bonded quickly over our love for peanut butter cookies. While none of the above is true the following is: I was born with a sweet tooth and my love for baking quickly ensued.

I am among other things: a writer, a runner, a researcher, an eater and a baker. My constrained diet has led me to seek out my own ways to create delicious meals that are both vegetarian and gluten-free. I only share recipes I love. My kitchen is tiny, my utensils few, my life always busy, but I've found that approaching cooking as an experiment (and armed with a glass of wine) makes for a catharsis equal to a good long run. 

On this site, I work to make the focus the food. Posts are centered on the recipe and pictures of food.  I've included wine pairings as I've found that the key to an enjoyable recipe is always wine. Plus I miss working in the wine world and am endeavoring to re-educate myself. Cooking and baking have become a creative outlet that allow me to procrastinate when I have writer's block. I hope these recipes help you enjoy the process and savor the food.

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