Ginger Date Bars


I want to tell you a fascinating story about how this recipe came to be, but the honest-to-goodness truth is simply this: I was hankering for something sweet and homemade and when I scavenged my cupboard I found a bag of oats and dates and thought, "‘Yessss, this will do quite nicely.”


Also I had cabin fever. So I needed a recipe to make me feel productive while I drank a glass of wine. Cause drinking wine while sitting is vacation, but drinking wine while baking is productive. Just nod your head and smile or skip down to the wine segment at the bottom to join me in my productivity.

The truth is I’ve been working on this recipe for awhile and per usual with the gluten-free life I was struggling to get it less crumbly. But I think I’ve done it. These are perfect, chewy, buttery, datey- which is not a thing. If you want to heighten the impact of the ginger I would go ahead and grate some ginger into the date mixture.


Date Bars.png



Wine Pairing

Guimaro Tinto
Grape Mencía
Year 2017

Color deep ruby color
Scent ripe raspberry, limestone, earth
Taste lightly sweet up front but drying earthy finish, ripe raspberry, lush blackberry, fruit forward.

About the Wine
The Rodriguez family makes wine in the Ribeira Sacra DO. They named their label after their grandfather’s nickname “Guimaro” meaning “Rebel” in the local dialect. This particular wine is unoaked and made from the Mencía grape, a varietal known for lush fruit and earthy tones. This wine is great for sipping while you cook but will pair easily with most dinners.