Wild Mushroom Galette


I’m about to make pumpkin curry as I write this but now all I want is mushroom galette! I first tested this recipe for my carnivorous family on Thanksgiving. As everyone knows a big holiday occasion is the best time to test a never before made recipe. This has caused me great embarrassment many a time. (Ask me about zucchini pasta sometime) However, this time it paid off. My father who doesn’t believe a meal is a meal unless it involves meat, even gave it a nodding head of approval and a “This is good.”
This is high praise.

I’ve reworked the crust and removed the dressed herb topping to land on the recipe you see here. The recipe is rich and indulgent and perfect for a cold winter’s day.


I fell in love with galettes prior to having to remove all trace of gluten from life. I waited along time to finally endeavor making my own. I blame it on the intimidation factor. They always look so damn beautiful, that I was sure they would be a time intensive task. I was wrong. Okay I was partially wrong. They do take some time but they are easy and always worth it. This galette dough is a lighter, flakier variation of the one I used in my Rustic Beet Galette recipe from last fall.

Don’t be like me. Don’t be intimidated by the galette. Here are some tips to help you love this recipe more:

Make your crust ahead. Stir up the dough, pat it into a disk and keep it in your fridge for a day or two.

Caramelize your onions in advance. Start caramelizing the onions in your cast iron any time you have 30- minutes to kill. Gonna do dishes? Need to workout? Reading a book? Watching a tv show? Okay enough with the ideas… you get it. Once they’re done you can store them for a solid week. Don’t leave this until you’re ready for dinner or this will delay your overall cook time by 30 minutes.

Go pro prep style: How I would do it? The day before you want to eat le galette start caramelizing the onions. While they are caramelizing make the dough and then tightly wrap it and place it in the fridge. Once the onions are done caramelizing, they can be kept in a sealed container in the fridge. Then the next day, when you’re ready to get to eating: preheat your oven, pop the dough on the counter to bring it to room temperature. Take five minutes to saute the mushrooms in butter and then you’ll be ready to assemble the galette. This reduces your active cooking time to 5 minutes and allows you to let the oven do the rest of the work.


Believe your eyes.
That is indeed, gluten-free galette crust.

Mushroom galette.png